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The Objectives Of Criminal Law

Do you have a habit of watching news in television regularly? If so, you can see different kinds of crimes which range from fatal offences up to less threatening misdemeanours. But no matter how big or small the offence maybe, each crime has its different penalties.

Criminal laws are the set of rules that the society must follow. Breaking these rules will require you to submit for legal investigation. There would be a hearing between both parties which are the accused and the victim.

This hearing will be held by a judge. The judge would listen to both lawyers as they explain their client’s side and as they ask several questions from the witnesses. Court hearing may take more than one session before the final decision is given by the judge.

However, have it ever crossed your mind what would happen to the people if a certain place does not have criminal laws to abide? Perhaps, there would be chaos everywhere and the place will not be safe to live in. Remember that criminal laws have several objectives that are beneficial for the people and these objectives are listed below.

a. To give Justice

Fairness and equality should be widely spread regardless of the economic status of each person. Meaning, justice should prevail to both bad and good ones. Criminal laws are the basis for true justice. If a person has committed a crime he should suffer the consequences to be fair to the victim. The criminals usually take advantage or harm the victim. Different countries have their own ways of punishing criminals. However, the most common among these punishments is imprisonment to jail.

b. To avoid individuals from doing crimes

Once the people know that such law exists, they will probably be aware of the penalties which will hinder them to impose criminal acts. Thus, criminal laws always teach the people to go in the right direction.

c. To prevent the criminals or the offenders from harming others

Usually criminals are sentenced to prison for many months, years, or even for a lifetime depending upon the decision of the judge base from the court proceedings. In this manner, the criminals are given the chance to think and to repent about their mistakes. The society can also be secured when these criminals are not free to do their evil ways. Like for instance, a person driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be held liable. Even if accident has not yet happened, the authority has the right to capture him and to detain him so that he can’t cause injury to others. He may call his lawyer, specifically the Michigan DUI lawyer or Shelby Township DUI attorney to help him settle his case.

d. To straighten the path of the criminals

In jail, the criminals are being assigned to different tasks and activities that will renew their lives. Hence, time will come when they finally think that they are wrong.

e. To restore the lives of the victims

If the victim achieves the justice that he wants, he will be satisfied knowing the he has been victorious to his battle. This way will also promote healing, especially if the victim has suffered trauma from the incident.