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Why You Should NEVER Drive Under The Influence of Alcohol

United States of America is a country that is particularly strict about driving under the influence or more popularly known as “DUI”. Look what happened to Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other socialites and celebrities – they tasted life behind bars because of driving while drunk.

Do you think this is cool? Do you think being able to drive despite the shots or bottles of beer you downed in a drinking night out is cool? Well you should think again most especially after hearing these five reasons why you should NEVER drink and drive.

1. Many lives are in your hands – when you are behind the wheels of your car, you automatically get the responsibility for so many lives of people out in the streets. Imagine if you will be in a car accident because you are drunk then the chances of getting other people’s lives involved are very high.

The car next to you don’t know that you are drunk so the driver will automatically assume that you are responsible for your actions but then you swivel left and right, do you think the car behind you will not be involved in the accident too?

Well not only the car behind you but also other cars near you. In this case, you put many lives in danger just because you are very irresponsible to still drive despite the fact that you are already drunk. For sure your conscience cannot take this scenario to happen.

2. You can actually be killed because of this irresponsibility – did you know that many people all over the world are getting killed in the streets because of accident? And one major road accident involves a driver driving under the influence of alcohol. Do you want this to happen to you? Surely not.

3. You can be behind bars for days, months or even years –DUI is in fact a criminal case and yes you can serve days, months or even years behind bars just like what we see with other socialites like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. They are celebrities but still they were jailed what more an ordinary person who is just too stubborn to still drive while under the influence.

4. You will actually need to pay for the fine too – not only you can be jailed but you can also pay large amount of money as fine most especially if you injured or killed anybody because of your irresponsible driving under the influence of alcohol. Too much hassle huh not to mention that of course you need to get Michigan DUI attorney or Plymouth Michigan DUI lawyer to help you with your case.

5. Do you want your car to be wrecked – also, do you want your car to be wrecked because you drive while intoxicated?

Now, do you still think driving while drunk is cool? If you have a driver’s license then you should know that you are always required to be responsible when you are behind wheels. If you do not want to cause damage to your car, to your own life and most especially to the lives of others then be sure to skip driving when you are intoxicated.