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The Difference Between Drunk With Alcohol and Drunk With Medications

No one wants to feel ill. With that, people avail of the technology afforded to this generation with the continuous research on medications. But medicines have their down side, too. Even traditional medicine composed of using herbal plants has their side effects, thus it is expected that the medications in their basic forms such as tablets, capsules, elixir, syrup and the likes also have adverse effects.

Examples of these medications are tranquilizers, sedatives, antibiotics among the many categories. What humans beings should be concerned about is tapering down on its usage especially with the magnitude of side effects these drugs carry. There are medications that are taken regularly by individuals in order to control signs and symptoms of illness.

With the many disease and disorders abound worldwide, it is uncommon for any individual who does not take any type of supplements in order to continually withstand the pressures of work and daily life tasks. But once illness is acquired or a pathological condition is made known, naturally, a person will take measures to control the disease process if not totally eradicate it. And much of the disease that afflict mankind require regular intake of medications either to control or arrest its progress.

One basic example are the benzodiazepines. The very famous diazepam relaxes the muscles of stressed-out individuals and those with anxiety disorders. But this drug also promotes sedation. In its small dosage, one will seem to be drunk. And it is important that one should know that it is but natural to experience being drowsy or sleepy.

People who take such medications regularly are very familiar with their side effects but it is also important that lawyers specializing in criminal law be familiar with these type of medications. In order to build a strong defense in cases of road accidents where you deem yourself free from liability, you should be able to secure a lawyer with background on such medicinal adverse effects such as the likes of the Michigan DUI attorney as well as the Birmingham MI DUI lawyer.

What are the common manifestations of these drugs and alcohol? For one, both has the capacity to alter mental alertness. This is where both chemicals are potentially dangerous for the driving individual what ever time of the day and what ever type of road one will be. But there is a difference between the grogginess of the drug and alcohol. With alcohol, one is aware of what one is doing but has little control over it. With the medication, one is increasingly becoming unaware of what he is doing as well as what is happening around him. The drug, when starting to take effect promotes sedation or sleeping. Alcohol on the other hand, varies from person to person.

Some people sleep when drunk, some dance, while some looks for something to eat. With alcohol a person can still eat and converse. With the above mentioned drug, one cannot eat anymore. The muscles are so relaxed nearing to sleep. With the information given, this is why alcohol and medical drugs are never taken together. One cannot predict disaster can bring when this two come together inside the human system.