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Driving Under The Influence Law

Are you driving your own car? Or, does the nature of your work is driving? If so, then you must learn the different laws and your possible penalties once you drive under the influence. In fact, each country has different laws once a person is being caught violating this rule. The penalties would be greater if you have caused injury or accident to someone while driving under the influence of these substances:
  1. Alcohol
  2. Prohibited Drugs
  3. Over the counter medicines that has drowsiness as side effect.

What’s the big deal of driving while under the influence of those substances listed above? Driving with those substances can impair the ability to drive well. Those substances will make the driver lost his control to see the road clearly, the ability to steer the wheel at right direction, and oftentimes lost his consciousness.

In United States, they have the “per se” law which says that even if you are not intoxicated with alcohol but you have went beyond their limit, you can still be charged. There are also other state which does not have the “per se” law would use other factors of determining alcohol intoxication like if the driver has appeared drowsy and has alcohol smell and red eyes.
Being caught by the police

The police will confront you and if you won’t respond well, they will light your face with a flashlight to make you aware of their presence. You will be asked to show to them your license, car registration and insurance. If they suspect that you have been drank, they will request you to get out from your car. They will do a sobriety test to determine if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Perhaps, they would ask you to walk on a straight line or to touch any part of your body. Once they’ll see that you are disoriented, you will have to submit for a blood-alcohol test. They will measure your alcohol level through your urine, blood, and breath.

Evidences that can be used against use:

If the tests are done and they have proven that you exceed from the limit of alcohol intake while driving, a case can be filed against you. The evidences listed below will make the case stronger:
  1. The testimony of the police who caught you on the street.
  2. The person who performs your blood-alcohol test.
  3. Testimony from other people who witness the incident.
  4. Photographs and videos during the event.

The possible punishment:

If after the proceedings you are being judged as guilty, you may suffer these following punishments:
  1. You might lose your driver’s license
  2. Imprisonment to jail
  3. You might ask to give a fine
  4. They might send you to a rehab institution for treatment.
  5. You might have driving restriction

Getting a lawyer to arrange your case is important if you want to receive lesser penalty. Ideally, choose a lawyer whose specialization is to handle DUI cases. Like in Michigan where they are particular with DUI cases, you can hire a credible Michigan DUI lawyer or a Royal Oak DUI attorney. However, if you are guilty, it is much better to accept the truth and to face your consequences.